Private clinic’s stance on implant issue goes against proposal for free removal

Since December 2011 there have been daily reports within the newspapers, online and on the television regarding the potential requirement for as many as 40,000 British women to have breast implants removed due to information coming from the French authorities regarding rupturing of the implants.

Latest developments have left hundreds of Scottish PIP breast implant patients worried they could be made to pay if they want them taken out after Transform, one of the country’s leading cosmetic surgery providers, confirmed they would not be removing, for free, implants used by them . This decision is believed to affect around 430 Scots. Transform’s basis for this decision is that rather than accepting responsibility for the supply of the potential defective implants they maintain that the implants were approved for use and it is the regulation of the use of implants that is at fault.  This approach may allow them to counter suggestions of a breach of consumer protection legislation. 

To read more about what you should do if you have been affected, click here


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