The National Housing Conference 2011

National Housing Conference

We are delighted to be hosting our 12th National Housing Conference (NHC) tomorrow at Doubletree Dunblane Hydro.  With new opportunities and challenges facing housing providers in 2011, the NHC returns to consider the latest developments in the Scottish housing market, as well as lessons to be learned from outwith Scotland.

We are delighted that Keith Brown MSP, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, joins us to open the NHC 2011.  We have also gathered an outstanding range of high quality speakers who will address current opportunities for RSLs and local authorities, including:

  • future housing policy;
  • innovative funding models;
  • evolving legal issues;
  • joint working arrangements; and
  • the challenges of future regulation and governance.

As the housing sector continues to evolve and face significant challenges and opportunities relating to the modernised regulatory regime, availability of funding, and the need to do “more with less”, we hope this year’s conference provides us all with opportunities to learn, share and enhance our collective knowledge.

Look out for a follow-up post next week in which we will discuss some of the main issues that were raised on the day.


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