London Triathlon 2011 – The results are in!

Having allowed for an appropriate period of recuperation, HM blog would like to congratulate our three brave HMers who took part in the recent London Triathlon to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. In what was a tremendous effort, Rona Cargill, David Kerr and Paula Skinner posted times of 1 hr 46 minutes, 1 hr 26 minutes and 1hr 57 minutes respectively.

As part of Team TT Rookies, our ‘3 HM Amigos’ have contributed almost £6500 to a current total of £17000 raised, and would like to thank everyone that sponsored them and attended their ceilidh fundraiser.

Paula commented: “I actually surprisingly enjoyed the day but will definitely never ever do anything like that again. The atmosphere was brilliant, I think the crowd keeps you going.”

HM Blog hopes that the competitive bug will have bitten and is looking forward to following our finely tuned athletes as they prepare for next year’s event.

Watch this space…


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