New marine energy projects

The Scottish Government has announced that three new wave energy projects have been leased by the Crown Estate for development in Scottish waters. Aquamarine Power, the company behind the Oyster Wave energy converter, has a 30 megawatt (MW) project north of Lewis and a 10 MW demonstration lease for a site off north west Lewis. A 10 MW demonstration project under development by Vattenfall and Pelamis Wave Power west of Shetland has also been leased. This takes the number of wave and tidal projects leased for development by the Crown Estate around Scotland to 17, not including the test facilities at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney. These projects further demonstrate that Scotland is at the forefront of marine energy development and the continued growth in Scotland’s marine renewables industry.

Also in the news is EMEC which is expanding its testing complex in Scotland’s Orkney Islands by adding a further two special sites for emerging marine renewable energy technologies. EMEC says the development will help bridge the gap between tank trials and full-scale offshore testing programmes. They have received funding from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change to support the creation of the two new berths for smaller-scale prototypes. One berth, within Scapa Flownorth-west of St Mary’s Bayand, will be designed for wave devices.  The other berth is a tidal site which will be set up near Shapinsay Sound off the Head of Holland. EMEC have been reported as saying that, “These new sites open the way for marine energy technologies to undergo sea trials in more gentle conditions than those experienced at our main wave and tidal sites.”

For further information please contact Anne Macdonald, Deputy Head of our Energy & Natural Resources Sector Group.


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