Thoughts from a Trainee’s perspective…This month, Amy Cornelius

For a trainee, a trip out of the office is always exciting, whether that may be for a visit to court or a client meeting. My most recent trip however, took me a bit further afield…

The Lending Code Review Seminar, hosted by the British Bankers’ Association, was being held in London. Having spent the first 3 months of my traineeship working with Professor Lorne Crerar on his independent review of the Lending Code, I was invited along. As any trainee, past or present could vouch however, there is always some sort of challenge to be expected. For me this was to be in the centre of London for 9am, with no overnight stay. A very early start in store for me!

The day of the seminar arrived and my alarm went off at what can only be described as “the middle of the night” and off to the airport I went to be greeted by a 45 minute delay. When I finally arrived at Pinners Hall in London, I was relieved that the coffee was still flowing (for registration and not the mid morning break!) and I had made it in time for the opening speech from the Director of the BBA.

Lorne stepped up next to present his recommendations for the Lending Code to the 80 or so representatives from the banking and financial sector. This was followed by a range of presentations, including the Lending Code Sponsors’ response to the recommendations; the Chief Executive of the Lending Standards Board and an update from the Office of Fair Trading. The seminar was very interesting, in particular Lorne presenting his recommendations and the industry response to his review.

After lunch it was time to head back to the airport for my flight home…Selfridges would have to wait until another day!!


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