Thoughts from a Trainee’s perspective. This month, Ruth Cairns…

When I was asked by HR to do my first seat in the Inverness office, my response was “sure, sounds good”.  However, as August drew closer I began to worry.  I had the fear of starting a new job, the apprehension of relocating away from Glasgow, the dread of those dark winter nights…… Having now spent six months up north, I am pleased to report that (a) my worries were entirely unfounded and (b) I survived the dark nights!

While the Inverness office is small in comparison to Glasgow, it is an office which offers trainees great opportunities.  The work is exceptionally diverse with a chance to gain experience in a variety of departments in one seat.  It’s an ideal seat option when you might not be 100% sure of what interests you most.

My time here has been split between banking, litigation, property and business advisory.  I have been involved from the outset in meeting clients, drafting documents, researching case law, examining titles.  I could go on but it is easier to just say my workload has been anything but predictable!  I have also benefitted from a part-time secondment to the Forestry Commission two days a week since September.  This has given me a unique opportunity to see things from a clients’ perspective and appreciate client needs.

I hasten to add that my time in Inverness has not been all work and no play.  I have attended a couple of business development events and met up with other trainees in the area for dinner and drinks.  These events have been a welcome chance to kick back from work and share trainee experiences, although as the only one unaware of Johnny Foxes, it was easy to spot the “out of townie”!

When I look back over my time in Inverness, I cannot believe quite how much I have learnt.  Everyone is always very positive about their time in the Inverness office and for good reason.  The office is friendly and helpful, with no comments made about the constant stream of questions that seem to flow from my mouth.  The team attitude up here definitely made my relocation much easier.  The only thing I might change is the ratio of Oat Crunch to Belgian Chocolate biscuits!


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