HM Trainee – A day in the life…

Each month HM Blog will be providing an insight into the life of one of our trainees, sharing their experiences of moving around within the Harper Macleod family and experiencing the diversity of the firm both internally and externally. First up, Isla Brown…

“I have been a member of the Employment Department in Glasgow for one month now, after spending my previous 6 months with the Litigation team in Edinburgh and I am beginning to get to grips with departmental daily life. The memorable experience of my first week in my new department was seeing the inside of an Employment Tribunal and noting the stark difference between the Court of Session and the Employment Tribunal – not a wig or gown in sight! 

On Wednesday 6 October, Harper Macleod took a stand at the Glasgow University Law Fair.  We had a constant flow of keen students interested in summer placements, traineeships and what life was like at Harper Macleod. We received a lot of positive feedback from the students we met, many of whom stated that Harper Macleod had the best quality goody bags at the fair! 

On Friday 8 October, I attended the Employment Law Group Conference in Dunkeld. At this conference, employment lawyers of all levels of experience came together and received talks from partners of other law firms on industrial action, Equality Act 2010, insolvency, job evaluation and the default retirement age.  It was thoroughly enjoyable spending a Friday in picturesque Dunkeld discussing current hot topics in the employment law world, even if I did turn up suited and booted when everyone else was dressed casually – easy to spot the newbie trainee at these conferences!”


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