European Young Bar Association

HM Trainee Stuart Kelly spent last weekend in London attending the European Young Bar Association’s International Weekend which brought together 80 young solicitors and barristers from around Europe, with lawyers from Australia, USA, Canada and Hong Kong also in attendance.

Stuart had the opportunity to speak with lawyers, all less than 10 years qualified, about their experiences in their own jurisdictions, and discuss issues which are affecting the profession more generally in Europe. The visit also included a visit to the new Supreme Court in London to discuss at length with one of its judges, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, issues facing domestic and European law.

Given that one of the common themes of the weekend was the increasing globalisation of the legal marketplace, it was a valuable opportunity for Stuart to establish an international network of contacts which he hopes to maintain throughout his professional career. Following the weekend, Stuart has been invited to visit lawyers’ associations in a diverse range of places, including Rome, Belgrade and Las Vegas!

Besides those invites Stuart which we’re sure Stuart will do his best to take up, he arrived home from the weekend to myriad Facebook friend requests from all around Europe, suggesting that social media will play a huge part in forging and maintaining professional relationships for today’s young lawyers.


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